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Jacki worked with us from the start to make sure our wedding desserts were perfect. The cake was completely customized to our needs, and Jacki put a lot of care into the logistics and setup on the big day, too. I think the most popular flavor of the night was vanilla almond with raspberry filling. We truly could not have asked for more!"


Derry, NH

This was the best tasting cake I've had at a wedding. Like a perfect homemade cake, but big enough for 100 people! It looked simple but elegant and would fit any occasion."


Cambridge, MA

The biscuits are as good as my Mom's and that's saying a lot. And the German chocolate cake was honestly the best I've ever had. Love it!"


Andover, MA

I have been to many weddings with lovely cakes. It's rare to see a cake as beautiful as the one created by Jacki that tastes as good as a dessert in a Five Star restaurant."


Somerville, MA

The cake was as beautiful as it was delicious. Each bite was moist and decadent. Loved the buttercream. Truly a showstopper."


Amherst, MA

Jacki does an incredible job with her baking! The cakes are delicious - unique and unexpected flavors, but keeping that gorgeous, classic style."


Boston, MA

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